What is Mura CMS?

Mura CMS is an open-source content management system developed by Blue River Interactive Group that runs on Coldfusion. With Mura, business owners and corporate content managers can easily manage web sites themselves, and developers can quickly build complex sites with features such as event calendars, blogs, and member pages. Because Mura is designed for extensibilty, its components can be easily customized, and new features can be added with ease.

Who Uses It?

Many large corporations and government agencies use Mura, including NASA, the FDA, Adobe, Boeing, and the US Senate. Mura boasts a thriving community of developers devoted to its power, ease of use, and open architecture.

Why Do I Use It?

Mura saves me and my customers time and money. I have built custom content managment systems and website components like shopping carts and image galleries in the past, but with Mura I can choose from a wealth of tested features and customize them as needed, in less time and with reduced cost.

Because Mura is based on Coldfusion, I can leverage all the power of CFML to add functionality as needed. Mura is open source, so there are no expensive license fees to add to development budgets, yet Mura is robust enough for enterprise applications. 

What Can I Do With It?

The developers at Blue River have anticipated most every website need, and so Mura comes with many prebuilt widgets such as slide shows, site maps, and tag clouds. There are also numerous Mura plugins avaialbe from third parties, such as Slatwall E-commerce. Various Mura "themes" are available to jump start the design process, or I can program Mura to work with any custom design. 

Between these options and the ability to extend Mura myself, I can provide essentially any functionality you can think of, while giving you the ability to manage your content yourself, on the fly.

Mura was designed to leverage the power of information architecture to provide fine-grained data and build complex yet easily manageable site structures. Using Mura's Content Collections and Category Manager, I can create multiple custom indexes to organize and filter data and content in myriad ways, for reporting, searching, and highlighting. 

Mura also provides very robust permissions and change approval options for use by large organizations with complex content management hierarchies and procedures. 

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