What Is CFML?

Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML) is the programming language that powers the Coldfusion web application server. Coldfusion connects web sites and apps to data to allow dynamic content and other advanced functionality. 

Who Uses It?


Coldfusion is one of the most widely used appplication servers in the world. Many US government agencies, major universities, and a majority of Fortune 100 companies use it. Since acquiring Coldfusion in 2005, Adobe has developed CFML into one of the most powerful and feature rich scripting languages available. 

Why Do I Use It?

CFML is robust yet easy to use. It supports object oriented design, allows multiple coding styles, integrates well with other technologies, and offers wide-ranging built-in functionality.

It's an extensible language, so I can add custom functionality when necessary or leverage the work of other developers. There is a vibrant community of CFML developers that spurs continued innovation and improvements in the language.

I've been using Coldfusion since version 5 (the latest release is v11). Using Coldfusion (often with Mura CMS), I can create a complete business to consumer website or a complex corporate intranet in a relatively short period, saving my customers time and money.

What Can I Do With It?  

Solve problems! Using CFML, together with additional technologies such as javascript when appropriate, I can provide anything you need for a website or intranet, from shopping carts to image galleries to blogs to asset management systems to . . . you name it!

Because it is an Adobe product, Coldfusion offers particularly excellent support for PDF creation and management. It also provides strong tools for image management, email response, charting, web services, and much more.

Integration with javascript

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